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I also have an issue with the statement of there being "little editorial control"- while this may well have been true in the past, ED administrators maintain a high standard of "control" I hesitate to use the term "quality", as this is subjective and I doubt that many WikiFur users have a high opinion of ED. Flat-out, no.

Dramatica Structure & Brain Melt

It doesn't add to the article, and is deliberately inflammatory. I find it ironic that you Wikipedos and furfags feel justified in listing my personal details, and yet you would literally throw a tissy fit if I returned the favor, even going to the point of threating mock legal action. I won't go there, but don't make me bust out my sockpuppets.

The article says, " The Ant and the Aardvark was a series of theatrical cartoons produced at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises from to , about a blue aardvark always trying to catch a red ant named Charlie. I noticed some furvert threatened me with a ban for "vandalism", ie, removing the aforementioned personal details. As an example, I left an edit in the article to clearly show you what vandalism is, since you fucks don't seem to know the difference. The fact of the matter is, you're entire ED and Wikifur section is rather irrelevant, except to enlarge your e-penis. Some Encyclopedia Dramatica editors, myself included, have vandalized Wikifur.

User talk:WhiteMystery - Encyclopedia Dramatica

We've also vandalized a handful of other Wikia as well; you aren't special in that regard. But is that in any way relevant to the article? And even if it is, are the personal details really necessary? You and I both know that the only reason they are included is so that you idiots can feel morally superior. Allow me to clarify my specific concerns with the article. First, it is misrepresentative. Indeed, I could care less about WikiFur, if it weren't for the current insistence that my personal details be included in this article. Nor was it a result of coordination with Encyclopedia Dramatica - if you recall, I vandalized solo, and didn't get all that much in before the account was blocked eight edits or so, maybe more, maybe less.

It was a semi-random wikia that I selected to "rape" when I was engagine in a cross-wiki vandalism spree I did it for the lulz, in case you were wondering. It was the second of four that I vandalized before I got bored and moved on. Second, it is quite bothersome and PoV to see my personal details listed in such a manner as to essentially slam a site which I am involved in. And third, for crying out loud, it's my personal details. I make it simple enough for interested people to find that information out it's not like I'm hiding or anything , but I don't intend for that information to be copied all across the internets.

It's flat-out rude to do so. So, I once again request that the information be removed. It really doesn't add anything to the article other than a sense of moral superiority against those blasted vandals , is quite offensive, and is misrepresentative of the way things are. Based on edit histories, GV doesn't really have anything to do with the site any longer except as a user and beaurecrat. This is way out of control about that stupid site, there all lies. I want that remove right now! Jeez the article is being rewritten by ED trolls. I noticed how they hate to have mention the fact that most of ED's images are gay porn.

Tretonin , 6 December UTC. Ha ha these edits what the Christ? I reverted most of the edits by Shifting Souls as being attack edits, most if not all of which were mistaken criticism and implied accusations of homosexuality such implicit accusations show unnecessary prejudice towards homosexuals, in my opinion. Here's a break-down of individual reverts, since it's impossible to fit it all in the edit summary:. And that's it. Let me know if there are any problems.

Redfur , 7 December UTC. Redfur I clicked on that link to you gave to the Shifting Souls userpage and it has a big proof of IP addresses linking Miltopia, Shifting Souls, and Redfur as the same person, including some stuff Brand ttook. Tretonin , 22 December UTC. I reverted this edit. It was not because I necessarily disagree with the edit, but rather because this is a talk page, not an article page, and another user's comments were being modified. If there is a disagreement with another user's comments on this page, editors should leave their own comments explaining why they disagreed.

Talk:Encyclopædia Dramatica

We also want to preserve the contents of talk pages so that an accurate archive of the discussion may be kept. No, they are Miltopia doing harassment. Tretonin: You're not hearing me. I provided diffs showing it was the trendpedia owner impersonating me here to "freak me out". There is no confusion here. Samssara: None of your drama BS has anything to do with this article. Quit crying to Wikifur about me. They're not the internet police. What the hell do you expect them to do?

Everyone: Who cares about Trendpedia, really.

Who uses rules of the internet?

No relevance here. GR knows I'm Miltopia and doesn't care. Because I'm not doing anything right now. Trendpedia's owner who admitted to making bad-faith edits here has had a major attitude adjustment since Samsara was blocked on ED. Believe what you want. But an editor there who vandalizes here isn't the "crusader for truth" Samsara paints him out to be, so there's no need to fear me.

ED was put on the blacklist yesterday. I did ask why, and it was due to massive vandalism of Central Wikia involving ED links. Samsara, for you to blame me and come here tattling to Wikifur about it, saying I'm not doing my part to help out ED, and that I'm tarnishing the reputation of ED's best editor, which you're indicating is you L O L - I can't even come up with a descriptor.

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It's so I can't even keep up with what you're whining about. So can you just put a sock in it? Pursue your angst with me somewhere else, this is not the place to be throwing online conspiracy drama theories every which way. If you have something to add to the article or discussion about the article, talk away, but all if you're going to do is use this page for telling everyone what a scumbag I am, don't bother.

If Samsara keeps yapping about this, I'd assume he's just doing it to drum up drama and get me banned just to make the drama go away, so I suggest everyone disregard his complaints about me and stick to talking about the article. Redfur , 31 December UTC. It has no claim to accuracy. I came to the talk page looking to find confirmation about the false claim Jameth's article started the site. Instead I find a series of bickering, followed by a conspiracy butthurt whine by Miltopia against many people he hates. I talk with him in IRC so often and Miltopia swears he's not actually furry.

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Joseph Evers is a fictional character created to deflect attention from the principals behind Encyclopedia Dramatica ED. A list of members can only be obtained from Delaware by a court order. Thornton and DeGrippo are also known as Ghettofinger and Girlvinyl. I am doubtful because nobody sees him and there are no sources to prove it.

Also I am pretty sure Ghettofinger and Weev are the same person. They both do the same job and they both claim the same first name, Andrew. Then they give fake last names like Thornton and Weevlos. If someone did buy Encyclopedia Dramatica, then it is hepkitten. She is the leader of bantown and 7chan. Codyblitz , 15 March UTC. It probably just got hacked or something. You know how seven 7 chan is. Hal Turner did it Isn't Either of the Andrews the same person as Andrewpants?

A lot of pornography websites have had to fix, update, and revamp their websites and businesses as a consequence of this new law. I suspect that over the course of things, Encyclopedia Dramatica will have one day update its website and documentation in accordance with this. So that is why I suspect the notability warrants being listed. It was a mistake. Although the site remains active, no cached images of the page exist after this date.