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Other lives are epics. Most of the stories are about beloved characters first seen in Clockwork Angels, but others are new. Neil and I especially liked the scamp and pickpocket Guerrero, who is not a very likeable of honorable guy, and yet we needed to find a way to make him sympathetic. And that story also pulled in a favorite, but obscure, Rush track The Necromancer.

It could have been its own novel! He is an incredible perfectionist, and I was a little worried when we started, but he was terrific to work with.

CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 3: New Tales of Beauty and Strangeness • Mythic Delirium Books

It did not reach a global audience, however, until its second film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick. Despite being over half a century old, A Clockwork Orange has continued to live on as an important cultural work.

After several unofficial stage productions, Burgess wrote his own dramatic adaptation, A Clockwork Orange: A Play With Music , which continues to be interpreted by theatrical companies all over the world. To mark its fiftieth anniversary, William Heinemann published A Clockwork Orange: The Restored Edition , with notes, a glossary and previously unpublished essays and pages from the typescript.

The novel is sure to live on as a classic of twentieth-century literature.

A World in Clockwork and Other Stories

Harold Bloom, Will Carr. Burgess and D. Lawrence Graham Foster. This is a fantastic book.

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Fantasy fans will be captivated by this steampunk version of The Canterbury Tales. Whether you enjoy the whimsical steam-powered world of steampunk or not, you'll certainly find [ Clockwork Lives ] an intriguing and wonderful story.

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In fact, after the pleasure this book brought to me, I would be disappointed if they did not return for further tales. Clockwork Lives Anderson, Kevin J.

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Description Author Details Some lives can be summed up in a sentence or two. Other lives are epics.

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