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The lack of interest is due in part, she believes, to the low prestige attached to a job that often requires hours of hand-holding, redirection and behavior analysis techniques that can be maddeningly repetitive. Our special education graduates like to go to public schools for the salary and the status.

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Still, he never took teaching courses and leapt into his work unpracticed and overwhelmed. But I just try.

Could changing the way we manage autism help curb the “epidemic?”

In the morning, students have a group circle-up for speaking and listening skills. Then they go to individual lessons, physical therapy, and an arts-and-crafts class where the more advanced make bracelets or cookies and the lower functioning work on simple art projects. They eat a group lunch, practicing table manners and feeding skills, and in the afternoon work on life skills like teeth brushing, hand washing, dressing, and sweeping and mopping.

At 5pm, assistants with a non-profit group home for disabled people come to walk the children to their overnight home, ten minutes away. The problem is too big for society to ignore.

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With the first official diagnoses of autism in China being issued in Beijing in , the earliest cohorts of recognised autistic individuals, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have reached adult age and the opportunities available to them are, by all accounts, dismal. According to Dr Guo, there are few NGOs catering to such individuals, and the social safety net, as it exists in many Western countries, is in its early stages here.

The tall, handsome son of a mid-level government official, Zhu Yao was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old and has been at the Group Home since it opened seven years ago. He loves to bake cinnamon-raison cookies and would happily spend hours using a pair of scissors to snip out intricate paper shapes. He listens to his teachers, tries his best to obey the rules and genuinely enjoys himself at the center.

Known as an 'umbrella' spectrum, there are so many symptoms, warning signs, and behaviors that help with identification. Even if you aren't a parent or grandparent of an autistic child, everyone should read Shaking the System.

TV Implicated in Autism Rise

The information gained may help someone else, and certainly might teach you a thing or two about how you react to autistic children. This is one of those pay-it-forward books. Highly recommended. Go to Amazon.

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These interviews were part of a larger project on disparities in autism diagnosis and services that followed a cohort of 25 four to ten-year old children. Implications for professional awareness, clinical practice and service provision are also suggested.

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