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Looking for Hidden Mickeys? And if they go above and beyond to make your day, please get their name and go to Guest Services to let them know! We get huge warm fuzzies when a guest gives us kudos, and sometimes we get rewarded in other ways as well. My absolute favorite moments in the parks are at sunrise just before opening, and late at night just after closing.

Ahh, I miss being a Cast Member! We all know waiting in line is the worst part of visiting the parks. Or at least pull a Johnny Depp and show up in a Captain Jack costume just to run around doing whatever we want? I bet he never has to wait in line! A silent, empty Disney park… ahhhh. Use the How Packed Is It? January and February are my favorite months to visit Disney World. The park is almost empty and there are practically no lines for anything!

But the real reason is so that you can hustle to your first ride of the day and have NO line, without wasting a precious Fast Pass! Sometimes you can even get in a few more rides before the rest of the crowds start showing up. Everything at Disney is magical and nobody throws elbows. Instead, perfect the art of incredibly aggressive speed-walking, like, old ladies at the mall style.

Practice makes perfect! Although it is freaking magical to ride Big Thunder Mountain during the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom in Disney World — you have a perfect view of the castle!

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  2. See a Problem?.

Google it. Disney Cast Members have the patience of saints. All of the apps have wait times that are updated live. Download the app for Disney World or Disneyland.


Disney Cast Member Secret: Usually, ride times are totally accurate. But sometimes, just sometimes, a ride with a certain wait time actually has no line at all, like in the case of the Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror.

If either of those rides have a wait time of 13 minutes, guess what? I think. Bring some snacks.

We all know going to a Disney park is expensive. Why Oatmeal and Ramen? Because our room had a coffee maker to heat up water for us … but nothing else.

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Read on for our best budget-friendly money saving tips for Disney. The difficult part is figuring out which discount hotel sites the resorts are listed on. Luckily, we have a trick up our sleeve for that: HotelsCombined! Check out deals on Booking. But, only buy 1 meal and 1 snack in the parks — choose wisely and make them count — and bring snacks for the rest of the day to save money.

This is a tip from my credit card point churning days! You can use Disney gift cards everywhere in the parks, including for your tickets. Get your souvenir needs filled at Guest Services and other select locations throughout the park.

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The First Aid stations in the Disney parks give out ibuprofen, band-aids, and other health supplies for free — even though you can also buy them in stores throughout the Disney parks. Why pay money for something that you can get from a friendly nurse for free? Welcome to Disneyland!

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Every Disney park is different. Want to ride the most popular rides at Disneyland without waiting more than 20 minutes? How about 2 or 3 of those popular rides? A park hopper will let you switch back and forth all day long depending on the ebb and flow of the crowds — use your Disneyland app to help guide you. And of course, it will shower you in Magical Pixie Dust.

At some point, you definitely will. The Boudin Bakery Tou r and Ghiradelli both give out free samples, tucked into a little corner of California Adventure. Check out our guide to magical Disneyland picture ideas. Need some more Disneyland tips? We gotcha covered! Even More Disneyland Tips! To see backstage at Disney World just look around any hidden corner or down any empty alley and walk right through the disguised doors. Keep going and pretend you have somewhere to be.

From experience, I can tell you that these rides do NOT get boring after riding them alone for the 25th time in a row. Then, Disney shuttles will take you all over Disney World for free! Take an Uber to your hotel from the airport and then Disney shuttles will take you anywhere you need to go throughout Disney World. Yep, you can actually save money on your park tickets by buying from an authorized outside vendor. Crazy, right? Buying partially used tickets or purchasing from Craigslist or Ebay. Depending on your trip dates, you can score some major discounts. Stop by the Club Cool Epcot and sample different kinds of Coke from around the world.

So refreshing on a hot day! But surprisingly, you can stay at a Resort for very reasonable prices! There are definitely ways to score a deal at a Disney Resort if you know where to look. Wondering what deals await you on your next Disney trip? This is another Cast Member move.

If you see someone wearing a button that says "Happy Birthday," tell them Happy Birthday! Likewise, if it's their anniversary, they just got engaged, or whatever it is that they're celebrating! I totally still say "Welcome!


But the other ones totally are. There's nothing like having hundreds of people wish you a Happy Birthday to make that day memorable and magical. Everyone at Disney is tired and grumpy at some point. Don't be the one to make their mood even worse. Help keep Disney a safe haven of magic where dreams really DO come true, by being a kind and considerate person. Backstage is a LOT less pretty than this.

I know you all want to see the secrets hidden behind the scenes at Disney World! And while I'm still writing up a post about my favorite ridiculous Cast Member stories, I can share these super-secret, highly illegal backstage photos with you.