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I needed a few days of calm no meetings, no classes or lectures, to write things that have been pending for a long time. One of these things is a course Marketing Digital hecho a base de twits Ie on Twitter. This morning I put into it and I have a good written part. I have also begun to schedule publication. The publication will be daily and will start tomorrow at 10am. A phrase a day. Weekends and Easter the twits will stand. I'll start with the basics of online marketing, then with benchmarking, then with the techniques to attract visitors to a website, then the conversion and finally with user loyalty.

As yet I have not finished writing it I do not know when the course ends. The tool I used to program the twits and get it published when I want it Future Tweets. The tests I've done during the day worked well. If you have not yet registered with Twitter, now you have an excuse to do so. Following the previous post What it is web 2. In this paper I explained the main techniques that can help maximize the conversion of a website meaning conversion: the number of customers or business contacts obtained through our website, divided by the number of visits it receives.

The days continue next week and the next, and for my part, will intervene in the Benchmarking workshop Enterprise Rural Tourism to be held on Tuesday, November 9 in Olot from to , in the auditorium of the Hospici. This is the issue that I've been working all week. This is not an easy task, these businesses, like law firms, and many other professional services, should maintain a serious image and to transmit confidence They should treat your customers with discretion and handle large amount of information that should not come to light Reading reports on the use of Web 2.

Companies are already 2. Luckily, and the fact that today provide training to 2 groups of people from one of these companies, it is evidence that this is changing. Todo un reto si quiere hacerse bien y con profesionalidad. Spanish examples discussed in class are mainly online publications dedicated to advising SMEs, but in some cases have a company behind, if not with independent professionals who are dedicated to creating content for this purpose.

This is the case, for example, www.

outimanecus.tk Problemas de SEO, tráfico y consejos de optimización

Getting attract traffic should be one of the first targets a consulting firm arises, but should not be the only one. So you have to think of ways to achieve the other goals. Among the good practices analyzed is also creating channels on YouTube, creating tabs on Wikipedia relating them complementary content , managing Twitter accounts, the systematic publication of content on Digg and many more. So it's a good opportunity for companies that know how to use it.

This July 19, as part of the training sessions at the University of Barcelona called " the Juliols "I interesting course is dedicated to start Digital Tourism Marketing in which I have the pleasure of participating. En mi clase veremos las main techniques that will help us maximize the conversion of visitors into customers when they reach the website of a tour company, as well as some real cases that improving usability and persuasion of a website has doubled the number of bookings made directly to a hotel.

We see also web analytics applied to increase conversion.

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For more information about the course and to know all the papers from my point of view, are quite interesting and essential : Digital Marketing for tourism businesses. The course objective is to provide companies with the necessary training and the necessary tools to enable them to carry out successfully their e-commerce initiatives in the network.

To do this, we have divided the class into 3 sessions of 5 hours each, in which students will have a computer each and which may be practicing everything that is learned in the course. Also, from the first day, students will be given the skeleton of a Action Plan Digital Marketing to go scoring and specifying in it, all actions are explained in class, but already adapted to your company. Thus, at the end of the course, the participant both in class and their own company, will have a concrete action plan to carry it out immediately.

En realidad no tiene la capacidad de controlar y penalizar a las empresas. A su juicio, el mercado laboral debe dejar de penalizar a las mujeres. Por otra parte, desde la ley se ha buscado penalizar este tipo de delito. Hay que usar todas las herramientas legales e instancias judiciales para penalizar los delitos. Se reducen los delitos en que se penalizan los actos preparatorios.

Prevenir, condenar y legalmente penalizar cualquier acto de xenofobia. Ahora en Colombia, un estatuto antidrogas quiere penalizar el consumo. Desde entonces, ha sido penalizada cualquier actividad que se considere interrumpir voluntariamente el proceso de embarazo. This way, our developers can work without locally enabling SSL. That would fix the problem on production, but should any developer work without SSL, she would experience the mixed content alerts.

There is a not-so-known-but-perfectly-fine solution for this. You can use relative network-path references , also known as protocol relative urls. That way, you can forget about which schema you are on. That was it! If you are out of Spain, pay attention to facturagem , because we are going to be launching an international version pretty soon.

Posted by javier ramirez on October 13, Today I wanted to install a plugin from github into a rails project. So far so good, you would think. Unfortunately, the branch of the plugin I need is not the master one, because this applications runs on rails 2.

I could just download the tar file from github, or I could make a git clone and checkout the branch I wanted.. And I can start coding right away..

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Posted by javier ramirez on June 6, Four years ago I thought I was at the top of my career. The company I had co-founded was starting to look much like a nine to five job and I decided to resign and accept a great position as a post-sales engineer in FatWire , where I would have the chance to improve their content server solution, which in my opinion was the best of the market by then.

Things were looking sweet: new challenges, smart jobmates, important clients, interesting salary… and then I got an IM from Ana Isabel that changed it all you gotta love it was not a phone call, mind you. The idea was to be an Application Server Provider and offer products in the later so-called cloud to help small and medium size companies manage their businesses. They would also develop web applications for third parties. And they would do it all using this new toy called Rails , after a successful proof of concept for a real client by Xavier Noria.

I was very reluctant to join them. Apart from having just landed into a great job position, I had a lot of doubts about the new company. My first experience with Ruby, some years before, was painful. I had to make some kind of automatic web crawler and I found libraries for doing it both with Ruby and Jython.

After half a day trying, it was impossible to make the thing work on my windows machine, and all the documentation was in Japanese, so good luck with it. I finally coded my own crawling solution in good old Java and XML. So you can imagine I was skeptical about Ruby. Then I started to read about Ruby and Rails and I panicked: no static type check, lack of hosting options, poor windows support, opinionated instead of configurable, with a certain disdain for the database layer… my Java instincts were alerting me with a lot of red signals.

They were really excited about the company, they saw a world full of possibilities, and the sense of adventure was just too strong for me to resist.

Spain: Europe’s new cocaine gateway

Besides Agustin had been the guy who started Qarana , the best company I had worked for until then. It was just natural for me to join ASPgems. Living up to that statement takes a lot of work. Besides, you have to keep up to date on all the changes and on the new libraries available. And of course in many occasions you will have to be the one building those libraries, because getting there first means no one did the work for you yet. This living on the edge thing can be really time consuming, but things get much easier when you find a friendly community sharing your passion.

Below are some of the things I have done in the last four years.

By the way, remember how skeptical I was about Ruby? I was wrong, and happy to be.

Análisis de la Calidad de un Sitio Web

Go try it by yourself! Posted by javier ramirez on March 10, As a web developer, my work involves much more than just coding; many times I find myself covering topics such as user experience, scalability, reliability of the system, or metrics and analytics to track the acceptance of a site. SEO is left many times on the hands of the marketing team, but there are many technical aspects that are important in order to make a site appealing both for visitors and searchbots. Since web technologies and search engines evolve quickly, if you want to have a good site you need to keep posted about the latest developments.

Sadly, there are a lots of materials based on outdated information and there are many myths and legends around the topic. Here are the slides for my presentation. Posted by javier ramirez on February 28,