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Temple tells Frank that the two brothers grew up with George and were good people who get drunk and tear stuff up. Suddenly a commotion breaks out upstairs. The third man from the bar shoves Gaye into a room. Nora tells Frank his room is ready and the pair goes up. She and Mr. Temple told them the hotel was closed but they d so much money that they let them stay. Nora tells that about 4 days back Mr. Brown and the other men arrived by boat. Nora tells him that Brown only comes out at night and he must be rich because the others jump at his command.

They expect the whole group to leave in a day or two. After Nora leaves Curly comes in and apologized for the rough treatment of Gaye. He says they have been planning a fishing trip and one guy ruined it by bringing a lush along.

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Frank is not happy with the way she was treated. Nora takes a phone call that lets them know a hurricane is coming.

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Nora, Frank, and Temple meet again and talk about George and the place he is buried. Frank and Nora head outside to secure the boats before the storm hits.


Nora questions Frank about his visit and he tells her he is thinking about settling down in the keys. Curly shows up and introduces Ralph Feeney William Haade another member of their group. Frank drops the line that his first sweetheart was a boat. When they are done a Native American family arrives in some small boats.

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Nora tells Frank that the Indians often stay at the hotel during storms. The brothers say they want to give themselves up and Nora sends them to see Temple. Nora and Frank head back to the hotel as the wind starts blowing. She starts prepping the insides. Some of the men are already nervous about the coming storm. Curly again tries to make nice with Frank but no chance. The phone rings and Curly tells everyone not to answer it and he picks it up. He tells the caller that Nora and Temple are not there and if deputy Sawyer shows up they will call back.

When Nora tries to get the phone Curly snatches it away and Frank moves in.

Both Curly and Toots pull out guns. The scene then switches to a man in a tub Mr. Brown Edward G.

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Robinson smoking a cigar and drinking a drink. Robinson naked. He tells about the gunplay and the phone call was the sheriff looking for Deputy Sawyer. They then show the bleeding Sawyer laying in the bed having been jumped by the gang while looking for the Indian brothers. Temple calls the gang down and he is giving them hell.

He has no fear of death but puts all the others in danger of being killed as well. Then Sawyer staggers out of the bedroom.

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Frank recognizes Mr. Brown as gangster John Rocco. Rocco is an amalgamation of Al Capone who retired to Florida before dying of syphilis and Lucky Luciano who was deported from the US but moved to Cuba. As Temple insults Rocco more, Frank plays him up and appeals to his vanity.

Frank is really saving their lives.

see url Rocco starts toying with Temple and Temple falls out of the wheelchair. Rocco gets a call from Miami and tension is relieved. Rocco tells Ziggy on the phone that it has to be tonight during the storm. Rocco says he will kill him if he moves the boat. At the same time, Sawyer is telling the others that he came to look for the Indians and when he went to call Sheriff Wade he was knocked out. Rocco comes in and tells his gang that everything is set for the night. Rocco caterwauls about how the bought Florida politicians turned their back on him.

This line was incorrectly cited during the Florida recount. Rocco then sees Nora in the mirror and start calling her a wildcat like another he knew named Maggie Mooney who now goes by Gaye Dawn. He does it again and she spits in his face. Rocco gets so mad he is about to kill Nora. Again Frank appeals to his ego and says he will have to kill everyone if he kills the girl.

Gaye comes back looking a little better but is only interested in getting a drink. Rocco has ordered Angel not to give her any more drinks. When Rocco comes into the room she sees the scratches and knows what has happened. Rocco starts verbally sparring with Frank, the only one near his equal in the room.

Rocco says you can get rid of Rocco but you have to die for it. Sawyer leaps for the gun and begins to leave the room holding the gun on the gang. As he gets to the door Rocco fires and Sawyer pulls the trigger on an empty gun. Nora thinks Frank is a coward. Rocco gives him a deadline. The storm knocks out the power and Toots forces everyone downstairs.

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  • Gaye is still trying to get a drink. Gaye fixes a drink and Rocco pours it out.

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    When Rocco complains about her being a lush she reminds him that he gave her her first drink. Frank pours her a drink and when he gives it to her Rocco slaps him three times. Frank just looks at Gaye and replies you welcome to her thank you. The storm hits its peak and the house starts shaking and moaning.

    When Rocco gets nervous Temples starts laying it on about the hurricane where were killed. In reality, the Labor Day hurricane is still the strongest to ever hit the US and killed about people. It also blew a train off the tracks. Temple starts praying for a wave to kill them all. However, it is still unloaded. A tree crashes through the window again breaking off the tension. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur. Donec sed odio dui.