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Gregory Paulger Director, European Commission und an 1 mehr gestartet.

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No structures are currently threatened and no injuries have been reported. People traveling on the roads leading into the fire will need to be escorted by fire personnel to ensure public safety. This is the second fire to threaten the small town of Minersville. At the end of June, the Black Mountain Fire started when a vehicle rolled on state Route south of the town. High winds pushing the fire north almost resulted in the evacuation of approximately 1, residents but efforts of firefighters and some help from Mother Nature pushed the fire to the east but not before charring over 5, acres.

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She also served as features and news editor in the past. Markee is an avid coffee drinker and loves to spend time with her dogs more than her human friends. What's so bad about hiking a little bit on city land? In Switzerland this would be perfectly legal and After pondering for quite a while, I decide to take the risk and face the consequences if caught not really knowing what they would be though. I hike along the paved road next to Lake Madigan for a while.

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After the small bridge over the river connecting Lake Madigan and Lake Frey, I leave the road and turn left, uphill towards P. I encounter some minor bushwhack near a small drainage there, but get through it without too much pain, first the left side of this drainage is less dense then the right side.

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After the bushes end, I take the direct way up the grass slope to shortly before the top of P. In order to get to the Twin Sisters North Peak I then walk down to the Green Valley in northeastern direction and back up to the north ridge of the Twin Sisters via a clear use trail. From here I then follow the left side of the ridge for a while and eventually get to the ridge itself. There I find an obvious old path which leads to the top.

First the path is easy to follow, the closer I get to the summit the more Manzanita bushes I have to fight. It is worth fighting all the way to the very top of the peak where I can enjoy a very nice view to the Bay, the Delta, San Francisco, Sacramento and in particular " the luxury villa " on top of Twin Sisters South Peak, known as "The house above the morning clouds". After a rather long break I fight my way back through the Manzanita thicket, only to notice that the back pocket of my pants where I usually carry my wallet in was turned inside out and empty.

Even though I have little hope to find my wallet in this terrain, I fight the way through the ticket to the summit and back two more times only to find out that for some unknown reason, I had put my wallet into my backpack before the hike today After getting back onto the road near Lake Madigan it happens.

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I get caught by an employee of the city of Vallejo, who clearly tells me in a stern voice what I know: "You are trespassing". I don't pretend to not know but admit my wrong doing and apologize. He doesn't want to hear "my story why", had already noticed my car in front of the gate, written down my license plate, knew how long I was here and probably has been looking for me for quite a while.

I'm not trying to argue with him and I'm glad he tells me that he doesn't want me to go to jail. I have to promise that I will never come back again.

More endangered Pickersgill’s reed frogs released in River Horse Valley -

After escorting me out of the city property he then also requested "Tell all your hiking friends that this hike is illegal and that I will call the Sheriff on hiker for trespassing". With this report, I guess I fulfilled this request. Anyway, thanks for not putting me into jail..