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Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Pagan Portals - Pathworking through Poetry: Pagan Pathworking through poetry: exploring, knowing, understanding and dancing with the wisdom the bards hid in plain view. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Fiona Tinker is now following M. A Dance with Hermes, Lindsay Clarke It is somewhat difficult to know where to begin with this slim volume of poetry: just as a bead of quicksilver will scatter in a thousand different directions, glittering and enticing you to follow their paths, so A Dance with Hermes, Lindsay Clarke It is somewhat difficult to know where to begin with this slim volume of poetry: just as a bead of quicksilver will scatter in a thousand different directions, glittering and enticing you to follow their paths, so too will the ideas and images in this deceptively simple collection call you to follow the myriad directions of their dance.

Indeed, the patterns of disturbed mercury brings forth an image of thoughts, ideas and communications flashing through the mesh of neural pathways in the brain, synapses sparking as each new thought is transmitted and grasped.

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In turn, that image leads to pictures of the electronic interconnection of the world-wide web and a reminder of the Hermetic premise all is one. This is the Hermes of both scholarship and of the neophyte. Clarke is an adept. He makes it clear that Hermes is also a God of Now; time is irrelevant to one so steeped in trickery, magic and language. Clarke brings Hermes into our world and context, showing his manifestation in characters such as lawyers, PR gurus, advertising folk and computer hackers. Clarke pulls no punches as he explores the dual nature of the God — past and present.

The trickster aspect of Hermes is not glossed over or disguised, nor is the event leading to the birth of his son, Autolycus, presented as anything other than the rape it is. Such an event is somewhat shocking to modern sensibilities, but it is also a sharp reminder that the ways of the Gods in ancient times are no different from some male behaviour now. It is an old story told across both pantheons and newspapers. Once the essential first nature of the God is grasped, the poems explore esoteric matters.

The third level of exploration leads the reader to Hermes Trismegistus, the Emerald Tablets of ancient wisdom, the mysteries of the Kabbala and alchemy. It is a beautiful prayer of faith and in it he acknowledges the ineffable divine that is Hermes through the pattern of syllables he uses. The Sephirot of the Kabbalists states there are ten attributes of God, through which the infinite is revealed.

The Tree of Life has ten stages of transformation and the seeker of moves through each as he travels his path. Dionysos is a God that most people generally have heard of and his name has survived through millennia; even if the specifics of his cult are not common knowledge.

Hennessy short story of the month: In the trees. In the rain. All around.

If pushed, people may be able to say something about his role as a God of the Vine. However, those who work with and worship Dionysos know his many faces and the depth of his concerns, which are much greater than the generalised understanding held by those who do not.

It explores Dionysos in his many guises and how he is presented through history and myth. For those who have little knowledge of Dionysos — and even for those who know this God — her book is a goldmine of information. It is a complex, in-depth book and a joy to read. The Cult of Dionysos is an ancient mystery religion and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth are explored through the myths of Dionysos the thrice-born. The concepts of sacrifice, dismemberment and rejuvenation are part of his Mysteries and Bramshaw explores the meanings of these rites and their links to other mythos.

For his adherents, Dionysos is a God who walks all the realms. He is a God born of a human mother and an immortal father. The cyclic nature of the pattern of his worship is followed through a three- year cycle with each year being allocated to an aspect of the God: absence, presence and unity. Each year has its own observations and obligations, which are explored thoroughly; and the aspects accompanying each incarnation are placed in the context of the weather patterns of the countries surrounding the Aegean Sea and the year of his trieteric cycle of worship.

One of the general misconceptions that may exist about Dionysos is that drunken orgies are part of his rites. Bramshaw deftly quashes this and explores the part that alcohol actually does play in his rites, some of which is very surprising and thought-provoking. In addition to wine, Dionysian worship also involved mead and a drink made from milk and honey, called melikratos. The time of fermentation is part of the acknowledgement of his mysteries and links back to the duality of this God: absence and presence.

Because while they did have the power to defeat us, we had the power to become something far more terrible than they could ever imagine if we managed to kill a human. Fiona swallowed her piece of pie and it sank into the depths of her stomach. Either taking the life of someone else, or using their souls to gain immeasurable power.

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Toriel smiled. You are safe with me. So long as you do not leave my protection, you shall not be harmed. So, you were all trapped down here by humans through some magical spell, right? But, I guess that was a really long time ago. There was a time when some humans knew the ways of magic.

Of course, their ways were not our ways. It comes to us as easily as whistling or snapping your fingers would. Humans, on the other hand, had to turn to different measures to use magic. Toriel seemed quite upset at talking about this and Fiona felt bad for making her think of things that set her in such a mood. Fiona leaned toward Toriel, now more curious than ever.

How would one leave this place? Well, it would be for you, but.

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  • My family is probably worried about me. Toriel shivered, looking as if she had just been struck by the fact that Fiona actually had a family waiting for her on the surface. Fiona gazed up at Toriel for a long moment, then she sighed and took another bite of her pie. You see, the King — Asgore — he is not happy with the humans. I do not wish you to suffer such a fate at his hands, my child. Do you understand? Fiona shivered a little. Absorb my soul, like you had said before and become some terrible creature? It would not be right. He blames all humans. Fiona blinked. Toriel blushed a bit but nodded her head.

    You see, I am the queen here, but after Asgore declared his plan to take the soul of any human who comes here, I left him. I came here to the Ruins in hopes of protecting any humans who fell down here. Her name was Chara, and she became like a second child to us. She got sick and died, and Asriel absorbed her soul and crossed through the barrier to take her body back to her village. But the humans thought he had killed her, so they attacked him. He ran home and died in our arms. We lost two children in one night. After a moment of silence, Fiona looked up again.

    Toriel blinked. He loved a human child once, right? He knows they can be good, that not all humans are bad. If he let me get back to the surface, it would show the people on the surface something. Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return, but what if I did? And I could tell everyone the truth. What if I could convince people, and then we could destroy the barrier ourselves and let you come back?

    I just fear for your safety. Either he lets me get out, or he kills me.

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