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But this is going on for like sooo long now. Even when you are in love, you know the right choice is to stop seeing eachother. But yeah, even though i'm annoyed. I still loved the ending and i just keep reading so in a way i still I know most of the people really like this book but TBH, i was kind of disappointed. I still loved the ending and i just keep reading so in a way i still like it and give it 3 stars. Jun 24, Shannon rated it it was amazing. Living for this drama! Jan 05, You. QueenB rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. My favorite is still After, but I think this one is the second.

I love Hardin and Tessa, I love their dynamics and I love their fights. This book wasn't boring for me because it's full of drama and I looove drama. After We Fell is a real emotional roller coaster. Frustration, shock, anger, sadness, excitement, swooning, happiness Yeah, it's all here, you just pick. Reading these reviews I've discovered that Hardin really pissed off some girls, but not me, nah nah. Tessa, tho, certainly is. I couldn't help but shake my head at the decisions she made. These two fight a battle through this story. Figuratively and literally. But it is amazing to see how they develop more over time.

This book will make you feel all the feels. If you haven't read these books, you are really missing out on an amazing series. I really don't like this Harry Styles guy, so I'm imagining a different, better looking Hardin thank you very much. View all 6 comments. Holy hell!!! What a bombshell to leave us hanging with!! And now I have to wait another month and a half for the next book?!

You've gotta be kidding me! This is torture!!!!

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Dec 29, Once rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-adult. Review coming real soon! Book 3 is now my favorite in the series. I loved the cover, I love all the covers that come with the After series though. I liked this one for the imagery. After We Fell to me, story wise, means someone Hessa is on the ground-which is kind of how I take the cover. The grass, we're on the ground but it's time to get back up. I also was happy with how thick the book was, one thing I find myself worrying over with this Review coming real soon! I also was happy with how thick the book was, one thing I find myself worrying over with this series is I do not want it to end.

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So the thicker the book, the happier I am! Yara: This is my favorite cover from the series. I love how they use the grass, it really makes the cover stand out. I would definitely be attracted to it if I saw it on a shelf somewhere. It's what Anna has taught us to love about Hessa. They fight, they get together. There's always that will they stay together finally or not? And this book shows that there's a chance that they may be able to stay together, and they experience other problems which I absolutely loved!

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Tessa's dad is back in town, Hardin wants to fix his pessimism. It's not just about Tessa and Hardin not getting along, although that's not to say that they don't fight.

They do, but we wouldn't love that as much if they didn't, would we? Yara: The story in After We Fell is probably the toughest to deal with out of the first 3 books. Its starts off right after After We Collied and doesn't slowdown at all. We continue to live and witness the fight Tessa and Hardin must deal with to see if they even make it as a couple.

Sometimes love is not enough and it can even become toxic.

An din this edition, Tessa not only has to deal with the decision of Seattle, she also is still handling her father returning into her life. But Tessa will go through something horrible that I still cringe at when I remember it in detail and this isn't something you can just brush under the rug. Now don't think Hardin is in the clear here, oh he has his own moments and they are going to shock you.

Just be ready to take a ride with this book and hold on tight. Zed and Molly actually. They both come in when they're the most needed, and they save the day.

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Although I can't stand either of them I have to admit that I was completely thankful for their presence during a specific scene Yara: This name might shock you but I am going to say the heroine in this book is Molly. Yes you read the correctly. The "Molly" that Tessa would like to run over with her car and gauge her eyes out and feed them to piranhas.

Molly gets this title because she basically save the day and when you read the book, you will know why I choose her. But just cause I give her this title doesn't mean I like her. Or Tessa Number Two! I absolutely love her!

She is every reader who wants to yell at Hardin, except Hardin actually can hear her and think about what she has to say! Of course he's Hardin so he doesn't completely listen to her, but he listens to her to an extent. And I love her for that, she seems to be able to smack sense into him. Love it! I also love Riley, the girl version of Hardin, who also tries to get him to come to his senses, but because he's so much like her he tries to stay away from her.

Yara: In this book, Ill pick Kimberley I love how she is not afraid to tell it like it is and how down to earth she is with Tessa and pretty much everyone.

Kimberley really connect with me in this book. There's so many parts that I loved! But I think my all time favorite thing is the turn that Hessa's relationship starts to take. We see it in a state that we haven't seen it in before.

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It's almost like they're starting over, Tessa moving to Seattle did them good in more than one way! She finally did what she wanted, she didn't do what Hardin wanted-you go girl! But it also brought them to a state in their relationship where they had to talk on the phone about pointless things, and can I just say Hardin talking on the phone about working out, or just meaningless things-swoon worthy! I also loved Hardin making the effort to come and visit Tessa, it showed his growth! Which is yet another thing that I loved in After We Fell. Hardin's growth, ugh it made me smile so much!

If you couldn't tell I completely love Hardin She moved to Seattle even though every fiber in her body was telling her not to go. She didn't let her dream vanish because of Hardin, her mom or anyone else that had an opinion. There's not much I can say without ruining some surprises, and well I hated them. I yet again don't want to ruin them, but once you read it which everyone needs to read it you will know exactly what two things I never saw coming. Although I had some inklings of one of them, I just wasn't completely sure of my guesses.

So imagine that. When you get to that event, you will remember my review at that moment and think to yourself "Yara was not kidding". I just Nothing filled the void that I felt after reading After We Fell. I wasn't prepared for this emptiness. It is SO rare for books to leave me feeling like this, so I was unprepared for this to happen. There's just Is it time for me to read After Ever Happy yet?