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We have seen many students struggle to play with inexpensive instruments that are hard to play.

So if you are committed, you can avoid that extra cost by starting with a better instrument. Before you go and buy your first cello, though, please talk with your music teacher. Your teacher can make recommendations about which cello is right for you, can help you to avoid an expensive purchase mistake, and may even have options to help you, such as an instrument rental program or a student who is selling their used cello.

A quality bow is a must-have. Again, talk with your teacher about the bow that is appropriate for you.

Cello Lesson 1 - Begginers Part1

Your teacher can help you to find an appropriate lower-cost bow to get you started. A cello is a costly investment, and a quality case can help to protect it from being damaged. When buying a case, make sure to get a hard shell case, which gives your cello more protection than a softshell case or gig bag. Some cases come with wheels on the bottom for easier transport.


How Hard Is It to Learn Cello? (Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips)

Regardless, make sure to lift the case, and look for a lightweight case for easier portability. Some cellos can be purchased with a case, so this may not be an item that you need to worry about buying separately. This rosin is a good one. Goes without saying. Look for an endpin anchor with a strap that secures to your chair leg, as opposed to the free disc version, since these give you more control and security.

They are also more consistently in their placement, making set up easier.

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A cello stand is a convenient way to store your cello. It keeps your cello safe from falling over, but available and accessible to play. The Suzuki method books are a widely used resource for learning the cello. Keep in mind that the quality of your strings matters. Keep a clean, soft rag in your cello case to wipe off your strings. Any great music teacher will insist that you purchase a metronome.

Learn Cello On Your Own or Use With A Teacher

Your metronome helps you to maintain a consistent tempo, and is an essential practice tool. OK, so now you have finally become one with your cello.

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  6. You know every curve and line of the instrument and now you are ready to finally play your first composition from Mozart or Handel. But before you become the next musical genius, you now need to learn how to tune your cello, set up your bow, hold your instrument, hold your bow, take a deep breathe finger placement, and learn how to read music! Yeah, it sounds overwhelming, but put your frustrations to the side because this is why Lessonface is here to give you a personalized step-by-step learning plan all in the comfort of your own home.

    The Seven Powerful Tips for How to Learn to Play Cello

    What do you think? Tweet us lessonface. Click here to book an online cello lesson or here to learn more about how Lessonface works. You can also check out our blog here to read more about Lessonface and our teachers. Ready to start playing? Lessonface connects students to great teachers for live lessons and classes online. All Rights Reserved.

    Choosing the Best Cello Lesson Online

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    Step 2: Taking Apart the Cello in Case

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