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Living the Dream is the culmination of people, personalities and experiences that Barry has had the pleasure to meet and to live through in his 44 years. Please enjoy his unique view on the world through his writing. St Elsewhere. The train Wreck. Old William. Early Illinois.

The Expedition. Home Sweet Home. New Beginnings. It will scar you all for life! Treeflower blushed at what see saw. Sitting back down, Norb types frantically on the keyboard. The squeaks stop, and Norb sighed in relief. Dag slightly uncovers his eyes, "Is it gone? Are they stop squeaking?

The squeaking has stopped. Everyone, you can look now! Dag sighs, "Oh, thank chewing logs! I think I was close to getting blind! What were those rats doing!? I didn't know they have ads installed. Uh, those spooty people with their flashy imagery.


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Only smaller and in a clip? Is that Barry and Bing? Bing responded, "Sure is! If you look down, you'll see the unspeakable! Retracting in disgust, Dag waves his arms, "Great spoot of big and wide! Why is Wolffe standing- Uhhh! Ah, look at that one! He sets on another page, "OK, this seems pleasant. It's Big Rabbit. What is he doing? It's horrible! What is Big Rabbit doing?! The beavers looked like, well, seemed they are about to barf. The animals only had dissatisfied and concern looks at the beavers' reactions.

Norb and Dag got out of their seat, feeling queasy, covering their mouths as they headed to the bathroom. The animals watch them go with Barry shaking his head ever so slightly. After a while, in the living room, everyone is gathered around, the beavers, Norb, Dag, and Treeflower sitting on the couch, with the brothers drinking Yahoo soda to remove the unwanted tasted the two expel earlier.

That king of spooty doof of spooty dumbness! Though, he would do it just for ratings! Didn't see it? Truckee was very mad at what he saw, even more upset than any of us. We haven't seen him for quite some time. I mean, what else what you expect to see yourself in If only I could see the look on this face of what he saw! When he notices, Norb sarcastically glares at him, his laughter started to slow down before stopping and looking dumbfounded.

Barry scowls, "Eh, that Chipster is really a pain, baby. He thinks he could write whatever he feels like it and no one would find him. Why wouldn't we be. Treeflower looks at her wristwatch, "Oh, I only have an hour before my shift starts. Bye, Norby. Bye, Daggy. I hope this doesn't get to you.

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We that, we can do the things without getting in trouble. We can prank call anyone around the world! Scotland, Japan, Canada, anyone! We didn't post those comments about us, especially Treeflower. Well, everyone doesn't think we aren't him. So, who doesn't want to play along?

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I honestly didn't think of a plan when others were about to suspect we weren't on the blog until someone posted those comments about us. Whoever said those things might've been the one who posted those drawings of us and our friends.

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Come on, the store built up here a couple of weeks ago after we started ChipsterWeasel a few weeks ago. There is no way those machines couldn't have done it, at least somehow get to a computer. As for the letter we got from company that claimed they didn't sent it, it was more like those machines were intended to go after us, and whoever send that letter must've known about their behavior. You think it has something to do with that green slime we found in one of the suits? They than heard some static that perked their heads up. Dag, didn't you turn it off? That wasn't me. Norb takes it, "It turned on by itself?

They know! The two listen closely, "Yeah, I know! What you want me to do about it! My sister is coming home! She'll freak if she finds out I sabotaged her chances of being a dancer, only if she ever find out the type of dancing was for alluring tastes! The beavers look at each other, confused. Norb than figures it out, "Dag, do you know what this is?! This isn't some satellite phone, I think it is something of a high-tech listening device!

I thought you were going to say this phone can dial itself. But think about it, Bill has connections and has cameras that can invade other people's houses! We have Bill Licking's eavesdropping device At the fridge, a pack Yahoo sodas and a bowl of jalapeno peppers from the cabinet are brought to the living room. Dag is sitting on the couch, where Norb later joins him with a notepad and a pen. Which confused his brother, "Eh, what's with the paper and pen?

It started to hear something, "I can't believe this!

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We just played to the last out and never gave up, no matter how down we were after the Beavers took the lead. That was evident after center fielder Jeremy Johnson made a diving over-the-shoulder catch in the first inning to rob Tyler Malone of extra bases.

On the contrary, Oregon State center fielder Tyler McMahan misjudged a liner off the bat of Joey Bellini with one out in the third that became a two-bagger. Mercer capped the rally by knocking in Wiemer with a base hit to right, putting Cincinnati ahead Cincinnati starter Clayton Colvin pitched out of trouble in the first two innings, but Malone drilled his fastball over the right-field fence to start the Oregon State third. The Bearcats roughed up Fehmel for nine hits and four earned runs.