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North Korea and Iran 'jointly working on nuclear missile'. In light of these multiple crises, Korean unification is no longer purely hypothetical. Of course, North Korea might be able to continue to muddle through. Its collapse has been confidently — and wrongly - forecast by many experts for over 20 years. However, the ferment in the Arab world this year is a reminder that no regime lasts forever.

One possibility is an internal challenge, although any further provocation against South Korea risks provoking strong military retaliation, which could trigger further events or spiral out of control. If Pyongyang tries it again, it would be politically all but impossible for any ROK President not to retaliate forcibly. Another possible outcome is that North Korea may become a de facto satellite of China.

If it is a matter of regime survival the Kims are in no position to resist Chinese patronage. But a client state is another matter. With poor technology, equipment, and training, the Iranian military relied primarily on undertrained volunteers and human wave attacks to counter Iraqi forces, resulting in between , and , Iranian deaths.

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Iran acquired conventional heavy arms from the Soviet Union but was forced to rely heavily on China and North Korea for missiles and missile components. While exact numbers are unknown, it is estimated that Iran imported between and Scuds during this time.

The missile's range was still rather limited, forcing the IRGC to deploy Shahab-2's along the Iranian coast and border, a deployment that made the missiles vulnerable to preemptive attack. In , Iranian delegations reportedly made six trips to North Korea to discuss ballistic missile cooperation. The full scale and scope of North Korean-Iranian missile cooperation is unknown.

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From to Iran sought to increase its missile capacity through cooperative agreements with North Korea, China, Russia, and Syria. While Iran imported complete missile systems and missile kits, a focus was placed on developing indigenous capabilities. North Korea and China, in particular, helped Iran establish missile production and assembly plants. Iran is today a proper missile producer which does not need any country, not China, not Russia and not others. From 31 March to 6 April , Iran conducted the Great Prophet-1 military exercises, testing multiple ballistic and cruise missile systems.

The Great Prophet-1 series represented a new kind of testing for Iran, in which missile tests were integrated into conventional land, sea, and air military exercises. Such exercises display how the use of ballistic and cruise missiles can be integrated into defense doctrine and strategy. Since the initial Great Prophet tests, six additional exercises have occurred November , July , September , April , June and July The specific missiles tested and the exact number of tests from each exercise is unknown.

In February Tehran announced the successful launch of a sounding rocket, although the rocket only reached an altitude of km. The head of the Aerospace Organization Reza Taghizadeh said, "…the firing paved the way for placing the first Iranian satellite in orbit.

North Korean security challenges : a net assessment

In January , Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani announced that Iran was "self-sufficient" in producing solid fuels and was developing a solid-fueled version of the Shahab-3, the Shahab-3D. In May Shamkhani announced that Iran had successfully completed a static test-firing of the Shahab-3D motor. From November to January Iran tested the Sejjil seven times, with the last test occurring in February However, Tehran has not publicly declared the missile operational.

The clerical elite view Iran's asymmetric military assets as the most vital dimension of Tehran's national security policy, and place great importance on indigenous weapons production.

Iran has steadily ramped up its investment in cruise missile technologies. One core component of Iran's asymmetric military strategy has been the procurement, production and deployment of coastal defense cruise missiles. Iran's rapidly improving missile capabilities have prompted concern from international actors such as the United Nations, the United States and Iran's regional neighbors.

Additional sanctions have been imposed in response to Iran's and missile tests. North Korea sees its nuclear arsenal as permanent and no longer talks of trading it for political or economic gains.

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The nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles largely serve a political purpose. North Korea perceives them as the only way to compensate for economic deficiencies.

North Korean Security Challenges: A Net Assessment (An IISS Strategic Dossier)

North Korea has relied on foreign sources for its ballistic missiles and may no longer be able to export them in large numbers or to expand its missile forces appreciably. But prematurely fielding new, unreliable missile systems may have value for political and deterrence purposes. With North Korea under more pressure than ever before, the possibility that the regime might begin to unravel cannot be ignored.

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Its possession of nuclear weapons further complicates an intricate and dangerous situation in the event of a disputatious collapse.