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The author, a full-time North Fork resident who is familiar with such cultural differences, knows how to work them effectively into his murder mystery, appreciating both the comic and serious turns.


His attention to character and setting are his strong suit, and North Fork and Shelter Island regulars will likely delight in trying to pinpoint various locales, if not personalities. Fitting in is not always easy for city folk, even for young, likable, Bronx-born crime reporter Vin[cent] Gusto and his sometimes girlfriend Shanin Blanc.

When he unexpectedly receives a call from a travel magazine to do a puff piece on the North Fork, he gladly accepts. And so he arranges for an interview and calls his former girlfriend, Shanin, a photographer, to do the story with him. Readers sense the kindling of their former romance, but love must wait.

Unbeknownst to Vic, the designated interviewee, Dr. Franisco Lambrusco a sparkling red!

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Frank had been secretly working on cultivating a unique kind of grape that may well make the world a better place, especially for the poor—much to the dismay of big time money men who pressure him to sell out. Its liabilities are that more labor is required and greater risks are involved.

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It is mainly used for whites. BITE: A marked degree of acidity or tannin. An acid grip in the finish should be more like a zestful tang and is tolerable only in a rich, full-bodied wine. Some grapes--notably Gewurztraminer and Muscat--often have a noticeable bitter edge to their flavors. Another source of bitterness is tannin or stems.

If the bitter quality dominates the wine's flavor or aftertaste, it is considered a fault. In sweet wines a trace of bitterness may complement the flavors. In young red wines it can be a warning signal, as bitterness doesn't always dissipate with age. Normally, a fine, mature wine should not be bitter on the palate.

Most often used in sparkling wines. BODY: The impression of weight or fullness on the palate; usually the result of a combination of glycerin, alcohol and sugar. Commonly expressed as full-bodied, medium-bodied or medium-weight, or light-bodied. Accomplished by slowly and carefully pouring the wine from its bottle into another container. A desirable quality in wines such as Pinot Noir or Riesling. DEPTH: Describes the complexity and concentration of flavors in a wine, as in a wine with excellent or uncommon depth.

e-book Red Like Wine: The North Fork Harbor Vineyard Murders

Opposite of shallow. DRY: Having no perceptible taste of sugar. Most wine tasters begin to perceive sugar at levels of 0. OAKY: Describes the aroma or taste quality imparted to a wine by the oak barrels or casks in which it was aged. Can be either positive or negative. The terms toasty, vanilla, dill, cedary and smoky indicate the desirable qualities of oak; charred, burnt, green cedar, lumber and plywood describe its unpleasant side.

Usually preceded by a modifier, as in "firm structure" or "lacking in structure. A positive characteristic.

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In the United States, it means simply that the wine is dry basic quality. TASTE: A general term for the totality of impressions a wine gives in the mouth; more specifically, the climate, soil, drainage, slope, altitude, topography, and so on. Some believe filtration may strip a small portion of innate aromas and flavors from the final wine. Bring it on b I usually chill everything, but can drink room temperature wine if I have to c Room temperature for my reds. For the rest, I have lovely ice buckets. I' m not sure, but it's delicious! Moment of truth; if your answers were You might have a tendency to chug your wine.

But if you are happy that's what really matters. You'll try just about anything once and will never turn down a glass of wine. A MIX You might be a bit eclectic and feel that diversity makes the world go 'round. Why be tiied to one style when you can have it all. Need to chill a bottle of wine fast? Wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle of wine and set in the freezer as much as 15 degrees for 15 minutes! Quick Slip! When using a manual corkscrew, twist the worm in only until you can still see 1. If you go father, you might go all the way through the cork, pushing bits of it into the wine.

Courtesy "Guide to Wine" by Stacy SlinkardWine has been made for thousands of years with some of the oldest evidence found on wine-stained artifacts from the Middle East dated more than 6, years old. Grapes and fermentations, the basis of how it's made now and how it was made way back then, hasn't changed all that much. Anonymous More than 1 year ago A sly surprise from Joe Finora. He's taken the old-fashioned tough reporter and morally ambiguous detective from the golden age of mysteries, refreshed them, and brought them into a modern world of cell phones and handheld computers.

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Finora moves smoothly from New York City to Long Island's wine country, from a small tourist town to the world of finance Finora has written about for years as a journalist. The complex plot, full of well-drawn characters, kept me guessing until the end, and left me hoping for more adventures from the engaging protagonists. Related Searches. Cheap Red Wine. Grace saw him first. She dates only the wealthiest men she can entice with her She dates only the wealthiest men she can entice with her style and beauty, and insists they show how much they appreciate the privilege by lavishing her with expensive gifts.

However at thirty, she is tired View Product. Desire and Red Wine, Victoria Norvaisa's first novel captures the triumphs and tragedies of one Desire and Red Wine, Victoria Norvaisa's first novel captures the triumphs and tragedies of one family, taking you from Eastern Europe after WWI, moving thru the horrors and ravages of war in Nazi Germany, and ending in the United States For Blood and Wine are Red.

Inspector Gautier intervenes and has the bishop expelled. Sometimes, if we listen carefully enough, we hear the forgotten songs of ourselves.