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Du kanske gillar. The Guardians John Grisham Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. It's the middle of the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, an armored truck with three million in cash is traveling through Oregon. And two combat chopper pilots plan their return to the states to hijack it. Pete Placker, a hell-raising Fresno State football player who dropped out to become one of the best helicopter pilots in 'Nam and Cecil Clanner, a stockbroker who got drafted, team up for what they think is their payday.

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They commandeer a CH heavy-lift helicopter for what seems a simple heist. But when the hijacking turns into a bloody shoot-out, they find themselves in unknown territory. Now they have to contend with the Oregon wilderness, two unexpected hostages, one infected eye and their own darker sides. The year-old North, who is solidly built and has a head of salt-and-pepper hair, says his unusual career started in , when he was living in France and working as a commercial helicopter pilot.

He decided that what he really wanted to do was break into film and TV, so he devised a plan. He bought a bunch of sophisticated aerial camera equipment not readily available in France and began renting it out to studios with a catch: If a renter wanted his equipment, they had to hire North as a pilot on their project, too. Slowly, his name did get out, and after a few years, he was able to charge for his services as a pilot alone.

When Michael Bay learned North would be unable to personally shoot a scene for his movie 6 Underground in Rome, the director hesitated to work with another pilot. That scene in Furious 7 when the cars shoot out of a transport plane?

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He was the only helicopter camera catching the action. The sequence in The Fate of the Furious that involves a car chase across a frozen lake? The race through Havana in that same movie? That is where my art comes to place. There is no room for error, everything is maxed out.

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Instead, he names a car chase through an abandoned nuclear power plant in England. And I had to spin [degrees] around that at high speed with a twin-engine helicopter.

It is not super-comfortable for me. That was hard. You can see him, in his helicopter, around in this video , following close behind a fleet of around 30 vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, trucks, snowmobiles, and an orange Lamborghini.

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You can get confused. North possesses the ability make threading his helicopter through a pair of skyscrapers sound simple, and filming a car chase almost sleepy.

Man Charged In Strange Vernon Theft Nabbed For Southington Caper

The quality and availability of drones — small, unmanned flying machines that are also very good at aerial photography — has increased exponentially in recent years. It can only do the preplanned shots. Then there are the functional setbacks.

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