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Published by Tyndale House.

The Mayflower Maid by Sue Allan

Republished beginning in by Living Books. This series was originally called Jim Reno Westerns Series , and when the first four books were republished in , they renamed the books and the series.

This set was originally called the American Odyssey Series. Each book has been renamed for a new publication beginning in This series was co-written with his daughter, Lynn Morris. Published by Bethany House : "A trailblazing woman of courage, Cheney Duvall graduates from the first American college to grant degrees to women physicians just as the Civil War ends.

Long-standing prejudices have not dissipated, however, and she must prove herself time and again--testing her dedication and the faith that compels her. Published by Bethany House. This series shared several characters with the House of Winslow series, especially those of "The Indentured Rebel". Published by Tyndale House Publishers. Co-written with his son, Alan Morris. Published by Bethany House : "America's first frontier were the misty Appalachian Mountains and the men and women who braved their crossing needed all the faith, courage, and hope they could muster. This series brings together all the romance, excitement, and danger of early frontier life.

Co-written with J.


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