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The prominence of the gold digger in the early s was also evident in popular music. Scheurer , Timothy E. Jackson eds. Dutton , , —81 ; Galerstein , Carolyn L. We do not see it because Stanwyck was unavailable to film additional scenes. Jacobs states that, in most of the gold digger films in which the gold digger is triumphant, the ending is at odds with the more typical romantic or sentimental classical happy end, but her own analysis of the films shows that happy endings with gold diggers who have retained their cynicism were the exception rather than the rule.

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Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Director Jean-Luc Godard, whose advocacy of Maoism bordered on intoxication, infuriated many traditionalist critics with this swiftly paced satire. Disillusioned by their suburban lifestyles, a group of middle-class students, led by Guillaume Jean-Pierre Leaud and Veronique Anne Wiazemsky , form a Maoist cell and plan to change the world by any means necessary. In a bustling wasteland of stolen cars and hustlers, a street-smart orphan Alejandro Polanco and his older sister find their dreams threatened by the hard truths of life, only to find hope and salvation in one another.

A neorealist coming-of-age drama set in Queens, New York, this is the third feature by acclaimed filmmaker Ramin Bahrani.

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They are mankind's last hope… and the terror has only just begun! After a devastating global nuclear holocaust, a carefully selected group of 11 citizens are sent deep into the bowels of Planet Earth Auden, Igor Stravinsky and Tennessee Williams , reenactments, and, most sweetly, whimsical animations based on the cat-and-horse cartoons the pair used in their personal correspondence. Evoking the Victorian charm of Currier and Ives prints, these picturesque comedies and tender dramas were produced as cinematic Christmas cards offered to moviegoers of the silent era.

A boisterous comedy satirizing Soviet life and filmmaking in the s. The greatest work of Zhelyabuzhsky. In a massive, mysterious chamber, fifty strangers awaken to find themselves trapped with no memory of how they got there. Organized in a circle and unable to move, they learn that every two minutes, one of them must die Set in Beirut during the s Civil War, Bruno Ganz and Hanna Schygulla star in this extraordinary film about how the West in general and jouralists in particular confront terrorism in the Middle East.

This film has only become more relevant with age. In the business of armed robbery, Roy Egan Harvey Keitel is a master who's ready to retire. However, when his brother Lee Timothy Hutton proposes one last job - a slam-dunk, three-million-dollar diamond heist with his two friends - Roy can't resist coming out of retirement to cash in on a sure thing. But when one of the friends gets greedy and pulls a deadly double-cross, the stage is set for a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse as Roy relentlessly tracks him down, hell-bent on revenge.

A bold re-creation of the Japanese occupation of China's capital Nanking - the infamous "Rape of Nanking". Told with startling humanism, the film is an unforgettable masterpiece of contemporary world cinema. An all star cast gets engulfed in this tale of terror and heroism! Set entirely within the confines of a police van where rival demonstrators are trapped together, Clash is a white-knuckled tale of resistance that evokes the political fault lines of Egypt two years after the Arab Spring.

Fellini's fascination with the circus and the surreal come to a head in one of his final masterpieces, which reflects his childhood obsession with clowns through both narrative and documentary approaches. Private Kang, a member of Coast Guard Platoon 23, monitors a stretch of beach lined with barbed-wire fencing. Driven by the belief that killing a spy is the highest honor, Kang eagerly awaits a chance to prove his worth as a soldier.

One night, Kang mistakes a promiscuous couple for a North Korean spy and shoots without hesitation.

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Despite receiving honors, Kang slowly begins to unravel under the grief of his actions. Losing his grip on reality, he tries to revert to the life he once knew. But tensions and paranoia escalate and further tragedy becomes unavoidable.

Eddie Cusack Chuck Norris is a Chicago detective who plays by his own rules - a dangerous habit, especially when he breaks the "code of silence" to blow the lid off a deadly police cover-up. Now an outcast, he receives little help from his embittered fellow officers when he's hurled into a blistering battle against rival drug kingpins.

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Join high school-aged girls from around the world as they try to better their community through technology and collaboration in this thrilling, heartfelt documentary. Violin virtuoso Camille is obsessed with two things: the music of Ravel, and a friend of her husband's who crafts violins.

But his heart seems to be as cold as her playing is passionate. You'll discover the uproarious truth on The Coexist Comedy Tour. A hilarious concert movie as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary, The Coexist Comedy Tour is one religious service you won't want to miss. When the townsfolk start behaving strangely, our beloved heroes Captain Van Der Weyden and Carpentier begin to suspect an alien attack.

Joe Martin lives a quiet life in the South of France with his wife and twelve-year-old daughter. But ten years before, Joe had escaped with four other convicts. After seeing one brutally kill an M. One night, his peaceful life comes to an end, when the four men re-appear. In one of his most successful films, Keaton stars as an intellectual weakling who tries to earn the love of a young coed by demonstrating his athletic abilities.

More than in any other feature, Keaton stretches the boundaries of solo physical comedy. A psychologist Bruce Willis is haunted by the brutal murder of a friend and colleague. While hunting for the killer, he finds himself romantically entangled with a mysterious beauty Jane March who leads him through a web of passion and intrigue. The powerful words of 17th Century poet Arutuin Sayadian, also known as "Sayat Nova" are magnificently captured in this symbolically rich, almost hallucinatory film.

New Version. Emerenziano Ugo Tognazzi , who is best known in the US for La Cage aux Folles , is the middle-aged tax inspector who is in search of a wealthy wife. He travels to northern Italy where he meets three sisters, who, though wealthy, are not by any stretch of the imagination young or beautiful.

A former minor league ballplayer John Ritter finds romance and a renewed zest for life when he takes a job coaching a group of underprivileged kids. A sleek and entertaining slasher film from director Pete Walker, it is a bloody illustration of the costs of fame. The latest thriller from French New Wave veteran Claude Chabrol is a timely and provocative account of corporate and political corruption was inspired by a real-life scandal involving a French oil giant and several top-level politicians. Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages is an exciting documentary about the worldwide comic book phenomenon told through the thoughts and images of comic book creators, artists, writers, and collectors, but especially the passionate fans who have made the art form the success that it is today.

At last on DVD - Aleksandr Askoldov's Commissar assumes its overdue place as a milestone of character-driven, visually poetic world cinema. It's not the company you keep - it's the company that keeps you! The Cold War may be over, but things are about to heat up again!

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Screen legend Gene Hackman The Package, Prime Cut teams up with Mikhail Baryshnikov White Nights in this fast paced, thrill a minute ride that hurtles through Europe, culminating in a death defying confrontation a top the Eiffel Tower! Orson Welles stars as Clarence Darrow whose history-making defense against capital punishment saved two Chicago teenagers from a death sentenceSometimes murder is just a way to pass the time!

Set over the course of a weekend tournament for chess software programmers thirty-some years ago, COMPUTER CHESS transports viewers to a nostalgic moment when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed a little more up for grabs. From the director of The Black Power Mixtape comes a bold and fresh visual narrative on Africa, based on newly discovered archive material covering the struggle for liberation from colonial rule in the late '60s and '70s, accompanied by text from Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth.

After a speedy trial, she is sent to the Correctional Institution for Women in California. A beautiful widow is brutally attacked by one of the new officers of a British regiment stationed in colonial India.